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Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Dental Implants vs. DenturesMissing even one tooth can throw off the aesthetic appeal of a smile and make it much more difficult to talk and to chew. Dentists have used both dental implants and dentures to replace missing teeth in their patient’s mouths. Which treatment option is right for you? Use this guide to learn more about dental implants and dentures so you can decide which treatment will do the most for your needs:

Dental Implants

Both patients and dentists tend to prefer dental implants to dentures because they provide the most natural aesthetic appeal and the most durability. Dental implants are strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life without forcing you to give up your favorite foods. With the proper care, dental implants can easily last a lifetime. They give patients the look and feel of their natural teeth to help restore their confidence in their smiles. Dental implants can also help patients retain their natural face shape and keep healthy jawbone from deteriorating. Dental implants are placed permanently into the jaw, which means you will not have to keep your replacement teeth in a cup. They stay in your mouth until a dentist surgically removes them.


Although dentures were popular in the past, they are not as durable or as comfortable as dental implants. Many patients deal with ill-fitting dentures that make it difficult to talk and to chew. They also have issues removing the dentures to clean them. Dentures are not as strong as dental implants, which means they could hinder your ability to eat your favorite foods. Dentures must be replaced much more often than dental implants. They do not offer the same level of convenience that dental implants do.

Talk to your dentist in Naples about your problems with missing teeth so he or she can help you find the right treatment for your needs. Replacing missing teeth helps you restore the function and the aesthetic appeal of your smile so you can enjoy your life.

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