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Blog Posts in May, 2015

Stress and Your Oral Health

Stress can present a large danger to your oral health. If you are under a lot of stress, you might unknowingly grind your teeth, which can cause headaches, soreness in the jaw, or even chips or ...
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Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Tooth loss does not have to prevent you from having a confident smile. Dental implants can provide you with strong and durable replacements that look and function just like your real teeth. To find ...
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The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco

Periodontal disease is not always the result of poor brushing or flossing habits. You may also need periodontal treatment in Naples if you use smokeless tobacco. This video explains why smokeless ...
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What to Look for in a Dentist

Your smile is meant to last a lifetime, but tooth decay and periodontal disease are constant dangers to it. To ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy, it is important to find a dentist in Naples ...
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