Tooth loss does not have to prevent you from having a confident smile. Dental implants can provide you with strong and durable replacements that look and function just like your real teeth. To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, schedule a consultation with a dentist in Naples who specializes in implant dentistry. He can determine if your needs and expectations fall in line with the results that dental implants can provide.

You Want Permanent Treatment

Dental implants are not the only option to correct tooth loss. Dentures and bridges can also remedy missing teeth, but these alternatives are not generally long-term solutions. In many cases, denture wearers must be fitted for new dentures every few years to accommodate changes to their bone structure. Even if bridges are affixed to your natural teeth, wear and tear may necessitate replacement in the future. However, with appropriate dental care, dental implants can last several decades. If you want to permanently correct your tooth loss, dental implant surgery might be the right choice for you.

You Understand Your Surgery Timeline

Should you choose dental implant surgery, you must understand that it may be several months before your treatment is complete. Your dentist must insert each implant post into the jawbone and give it time to fuse with the natural tissue surrounding it before moving forward with the rest of your treatment. Each patient responds differently to dental implants, so depending on how quickly your jaw heals from the initial procedure, you may need to wait weeks or months before the abutments and crowns can be attached to your implants.

You Have Proper Bone Support

Dentists often recommend dental implants because they closely approximate the look and function of natural teeth. The implant post acts like a tooth root, and it can provide a stable foundation for the rest of the device. For dental implants to function like real teeth, though, you must have strong and ample bone. Prior to undergoing dental implant surgery, your dentist can examine your jawbone to determine if it can provide the support that your dental implants will need. Because bone tends to deteriorate in response to tooth loss, you will want to contact your dentist about your dental implant options as soon as possible.