Maintaining a good cleaning regimen—daily tooth brushing, flossing, routine professional dental cleanings, and the occasional visit to your periodontist in Napleswhen the need arises—will ensure the health of your gums. Healthy gums should be coral pink in coloration and substantially firm. An early indication of poor gum health is bleeding while brushing. Plaque and tartar buildup on teeth are precursors to gingivitis and periodontitis. Other telltale signs of periodontal disease are redness, inflammation, and the apparent lengthening of teeth due to receding gums.

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Smoking, genetic predisposition, diabetes, and prescription drugs can also factor in when determining how healthy your gums are. In the case of pharmaceuticals, a common side effect of certain medications like antihistamines and antidepressants is dry mouth. An overly dry mouth raises the risk of adversely affecting your oral health, since saliva helps to protect the mouth from bacteria.

Remember to keep abreast of your gum health. Not only will you save yourself from unnecessary discomfort, but you may also spare yourself from serious related conditions like heart disease. Whenever you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your periodontist.