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Botox for Teeth Clenching and Grinding

If you have trouble clenching or grinding your teeth, your dentist in Naples can help you find a solution. Keep reading to find out how Botox can help you stop these bad habits: The dentist can inject ...
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How Lost Teeth Affect Your Health

How Lost Teeth Affect Your Health Everyone loses their primary or baby teeth before permanent or adult teeth come in. But some people also lose their permanent teeth as a result of poor dental ...
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Positive Review

We love to hear from our smiling patients! If you have had a great experience with us, please share your story on our Google+ page.
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The Reasons Why Gums Recede

Gum recession is not only a cosmetic concern—it can put the health of your teeth at risk as well. If you notice gum recession, contact your dentist promptly for periodontal treatment in Naples. ...
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The Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a comfortable, natural, and permanent solution to replace teeth that have been lost due to trauma or periodontal disease. Choosing dental implants offers you many advantages, ...
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Your Guide to Better Dental Health

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile full of healthy, white teeth, which is why it's so important to practice good oral hygiene. In addition to brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing ...
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